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We work with organisations across the third sector to develop what they need: programmes and support mechanisms that young people will benefit from. Engaging young people now will help us build a sustainable third sector.


Our project ensures that young people from a variety of backgrounds are given the opportunity to have their voices heard at all levels of organisations that impact their lives.

We believe all young people should have access to training and information. If more young people had the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the third sector and facilitation in statutory organisations, they would speak up. If they spoke up and kept speaking out, more people would have to listen and boards would become more diverse, serving the young people they represent. 

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Our Mission

Even though our funding has now ended, we realise there is a need for young people to be trained in good governance, decision-making and general board member duties.  That is why Get on Board Cymru is devoted to developing and delivering training for young people and organisations - both online and in the classroom, in English and in Welsh - to share best practice across Wales.

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