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Our Story

In February 2015, the Children's Rights Unit appointed its first 'Young Trustee': Harri Evans-Mason. Upon Harri's appointment, he asked if there was any training that new board members had to undertake... Of course there should be! (And not just for young trustees, either. Why didn’t we think of that before?) The 'Young Trustees Cymru' Project was born.

We conducted a successful pilot trustee-training scheme. This was used as evidence of need in our application to the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) for funds to run a year-long project. We had a successful application.


The project received a further nine months' funding, in addition to the first year of funding from WCVA. In that 21-month period, 80 young people were successful in attaining their Level One 'Preparing to be a Board Member' qualification. 

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